Case Study:

Over 600% growth in revenue in 6 months.

Background are Australia’s largest online MX retailer with over 95,000 customers since launch.

The team had been running a PPC campaign internally, but weren’t able to scale this at the current return, or bid on all possible keywords due to the ever-changing catalogue and their limited internal resource.


Simultaneously increase revenue while reducing the cost per sale.

Better represent the product catalogue, and support new ranges.


To increase the activity and revenue at a lower cost we aimed for two things: reach and relevancy.

Catalogue-Driven Campaigns

Campaigns are dynamically created from the product catalogue, ensuring we cover all available products and never bid on products once they become unavailable.

Sales-Focused Ad Relevancy

Ads are constructed based on sales data to show the most-purchased brands and related categories. Ads show the lowest product price to encourage click-through.



1. Revenue increased over 600% between May 2014 and 2015, while the CPS dropped by 44%.

2. Brand search queries have grown in line with non-brand queries, as new users are being retained by the brand.