AdWords Scripts / API Developer

We’re looking for a senior JS/PHP developer with experience working in AdWords Scripts/API and other APIs.

The Role

The successful applicant will build custom API and Scripts solutions for AdWords and other platforms.

You will be:

  • devising, building and managing scripts and API solutions for AdWords clients covering bid management, campaign creation and management, and reporting.
  • developing API solutions for additional external platforms including Google Analytics, Facebook, Zomato, Yelp, Bing and others.
  • developing and maintaining site scrapers.
  • designing and developing an AdWords management platform.
  • managing an external Junior developer.
  • building custom WordPress plugin and theme solutions, liaising with external designers and frontend developers.

The Role:

This is an opportunity to work in a growing development space with the world’s largest online advertising platform, AdWords.

You’ll be encouraged and supported to develop and implement your own concepts/strategies, while building highly-advanced and regarded AdWords solutions.

Alongside this, you’ll work with an external Junior developer to build custom WordPress plugins and themes for our client base.


We’re looking for a problem-solver that can write efficient, reliable code in JS and PHP.

The successful applicant should always strive for the simplest, cleanest solutions.

The person that we’re looking for:

  • is highly-versed in AdWords Scripts / API and experienced in additional APIs.
  • has 5+ years of experience in JS, PHP and WordPress solutions.
  • has successfully managed external developers in the past.