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Multivariate Testing


Use data to make informed website changes

We use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to implement event and goal tracking, allowing us to build and improve conversion funnels across websites.

By analysing this site and sales data, we can then find common user journeys and identify poor performing pages, site functions or designs.

We then construct a set of hypotheses and a test strategy, wireframes and designs.

We design and code all tests inhouse using custom Javascript/jQuery, CSS and HTML. We have experience using many multivariate testing tools including Optimizely, ABTasty and Visual Web Optimizer.

Why clients work with us

We analyse data and solve problems all day.

Increasing conversion rates and site metrics is just another problem to solve!

Working with Destination NSW we have increased site engagement metrics for millions of users, and improved performance on many of the top landing pages with data driven multivariate testing.

The downstream results can have significant impact to any business. Improving a conversion rate by just a couple of percent, for example, increases the return of every traffic channel.


Data /01

We begin all MVT projects by analysing all data available and building new event and goal tracking where required. We analyse users based on device, location, language, landing page and more.

Hypothesis /02

We construct hypotheses based on the conversion funnel data we’ve collected, and your objective. We identify break points in the user journey, for example, and use best practice design standards to solve it.

Design & Code /03

Based off the hypotheses and test variations, we design wireframes and final designs to be approved and implemented. Once approved, we code our designs in the MVT tool and launch these tests to segmented users based on our initial data.

Report /04

Once we have reached enough users to confidently determine the result of our test, we report on the test outcomes. If there is a positive uplift, we implement the changes onto the production website.

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We run data and tracking projects for businesses of all sizes, and multivariate testing for sites with traffic above 25,000 per month.