Jimmy Nguyen

Online Marketer

Jimmy Nguyen

I love meeting and exceeding targets by extracting, manipulating and analysing data. I’m also fascinated with developing and tailoring marketing campaigns for different audiences.

I stepped into the dynamic world of digital marketing with a degree in management and a background in marketing. I believe that online marketing offers tremendous opportunities, allowing us to see how consumers behave and to figure out what makes them tick.

Starting my career as an in-house marketer for Autocraze, I worked on both the creative and technical aspects of marketing initiatives, including sales, social channels, content, on-site SEO, graphic design, photography, and customer segmentation.

Now working as an online marketer for Sparro, I work with multiple clients to develop and implement inbound strategies that are in line with their specific marketing objectives. I take pride in driving positive engagement and economic growth for every client I get the chance to work with.
Aside from marketing, I love soaking in the sun and spending time outdoors, preferably near water. I also have a passion for fishkeeping.