Liam Barrett

Inbound SEO Lead

Liam Barrett

My role is to increase overall organic search traffic by creating and implementing link building strategies, keyword research and content creation.

After getting my real estate’s license and being self-employed for 2 years, I found myself attracted to generating business online. It didn’t take long for me to take up digital marketing full time, and take my online marketing skills to the next level.

Now I use advanced link building tactics and software to find good link building opportunities. I also maintain relationships with blog owners, editors and webmasters, and provide insight on creating shareable content.

I work on clients’ link building and external content marketing strategies – including Destination NSW, Webjet, and Electro Seconds.

I enjoy generating traffic for our clients, that in turn generate leads, and being directly correlated with the growth of their business.

I only see digital marketing becoming more popular moving forward, and strive to get better everyday.