5 Reasons Your Company Needs A Link Building Strategy

Link Building Strategies

Introduction to Link Building

Link building involves acquiring inbound links to your company’s website or web pages from other websites. The purpose of this is to achieve better website and page rankings for keywords on search engine result pages (SERP) and to drive more organic search and referral traffic to the website.

Here are 5 reasons why a link building strategy should be implemented as part of your company’s digital marketing strategy:

1. Improve Search Engine Rankings

Building links is a proven method of working along Google’s algorithm to optimise a website’s rankings by increasing its domain authority. Domain authority refers to the measurement of how well a website ranks on SERP and the higher it is, the better. When a website has more links from high-authority websites pointing to it, it becomes more trusted by association as perceived by Google.

The importance of link building for search engine optimization (SEO) will continue for many years to come, as Google’s search quality senior strategist Andrey Lipattsev confirmed in 2016 that links, content, and RankBrain are the top 3 factors of search engine rankings on Google.

2. Increase Referral Traffic

The second effect of link building, after improved search engine rankings, is increased referral traffic. Each link means another path for people to enter your website. If you are link building properly with relevancy in the forefront of your tactics, you’ll see more targeted traffic that has been redirected from a related website.

Content marketing works well with link building, especially through providing informational content, blog posts, guest posts and infographics. These are some of the popular methods of link building that are perfect for increasing traffic not just through organic search but through other access points if the content is good enough to be shared by others.

3. Build Business Relationships

Having a link building strategy involves building relationships with other businesses online. Whether across blogs or websites in your field, it is a good complement to your company’s other online marketing activities  e.g. It can be used to amplify your blog posts, content and social media posts, etc. and opens up the possibility of promoting your company’s products and services to wider audiences.

4. Build Brand Awareness

When you’re building links to your website, not only are you getting more traffic to your website, you’re also building brand awareness because by increasing exposure of articles, resources or content from your website to other websites, the effect is amplified.

The capturing of new audiences from link building efforts through guest posting, resource pages, PR and social media is a valuable contribution to improving brand visibility and reputation. People will associate your company’s brand with expertise in the area if the content created under it is seen featured on other websites of authority or the website is amongst the top search results.

5. Gain A Competitive Edge

Your competitors are likely to already have a link building strategy in place so it is important to keep up with digital marketing practices and try to gain a competitive edge where possible.

Search up keywords for your products or services on Google. Are you ranking 1st? If not, take a look at your competitors – they have a higher domain authority and are more search engine optimized than you. Use tools such as Moz Open Site Explorer and take a look at what websites your competitors have been linked from. These are the opportunities you’ve been missing out on!

Link building can increase the credibility of your website and build it towards being the most reliable and go-to website not just through search results but also for your local audience. You want to be very visible to your potential customers when they’re making searches on Google or are browsing other local websites and directories.

Final Thoughts

Investing in a link building strategy for your business is highly beneficial for your SEO and ultimately drives more organic traffic to your company’s website by increasing visibility on Google and being more accessible from other places on the internet.

It is important to consider that if you wat to link build effectively, your company’s content strategy should also be optimized to produce quality content that is shareable.

There is no shortcut to link building. The link building processes we undertake at Sparro are completely whitehat in order to avoid any penalization by Google. We follow their guidelines, building high-quality natural links and maximizing long-term SEO results.

Take a look at a few of our case studies depicting the results we’ve achieved for some of our key clients through link building and SEO.


Raymond Tang