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Digital Marketing Jobs

Become a digital marketing leader.

We’re always looking to expand our team with the right people. We value problem-solvers and innovators: those great at what they do but with the drive to be even better.

They’re ready to challenge convention and do so working with some of the biggest brands in Australia. And they want to be part of a team of great people, sharing their knowledge and success together.

Check out our Blog to find out what to expect during the hiring process & for some more info on how to prepare!


Programmatic Media Specialist

We’re looking for a passionate media buying specialist with 2-5 years of experience.

Paid Media Executive / Specialist

Paid Media professional with 1-4 years of experience.

SEO Executive / Specialist

SEO professional with 1-4 years of experience.

Digital Marketing Specialists

Ready to challenge yourself with a new role, client list and team? We’re looking for career changers from related fields, or experienced digital marketers.

Digital Marketer

Get the best possible start in digital marketing, learning the hands-on skills to succeed with Australia’s leading brands.

Sparro University Scholarship

Sparro's university scholarship for aspiring digital marketers.


You’re in the driving seat

We believe in providing purpose, engagement and empowerment in the workplace.

You’ll be given the opportunity to take the lead on major accounts, supported by our team leaders and business owners.

There are no traditional account-managers in our model – you’ll be both hands-on with the tools and working directly with clients in an environment where your ideas are actually encouraged.

That’s how we maintain an incredible product quality and provide the greatest client value.

You’ll be powered up with ideas and inspiration along the way with regular workshops, hack sessions and mentor programs — including those that pair you with exceptional leaders outside of Sparro, to broaden your knowledge and experience.

It’s all about building Australia’s best digital marketing team. Want to be a part of that?

More opportunity /01

We encourage our people to practice leadership, leading the way on a project, an innovation, event or culture initiative.

More from yourself /02

We want to empower the future leaders of digital, backed by mentorship programs and regular external and internal training sessions.

More balance /03

We work hard – but work isn’t everything. We don’t do overtime, and you won’t (can’t) eat lunch at your desk. There’s also flexible working times and WFH options.

More satisfaction /04

You’ll be working in a spacious, plant-filled office that’s an inspirational hub for work and collaboration. Oh and there’s the added benefit of a kitchen with barista-standard coffee machines, free beer on tap and cheesy Wednesdays.


Bek Fraser – PPC Lead

I began as an Intern in 2015 when the business was less than 10 people.

I’ve grown with the business and always had opportunity to scale myself and my role.

The culture and people are incredible – and we throw a mean party.

Gino Hadiutomo – Senior Digital Marketer

I came to digital marketing from Engineering and was able to apply my data interests and experience to innovate and deliver client value immediately.

I love the pace and the client list. Not to mention the people, they’re good time gals.

Morris Bryant
Cameron Bryant
Sparro Digital Marketing Level 2, 727 George St,
Haymarket, NSW Australia
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