Sparro hiring process: What to expect & how to prepare

Sparro hiring process:

Sparro is not your ordinary digital marketing agency, so it seems fitting that our hiring process is not so ordinary either.

That isn’t to say it doesn’t include the typical elements – meeting core team members, interviewing, and demonstrating your skills – but we like to shake things up to really get to know you, and allow YOU to get to know US.

Our hiring process is as much about making sure you’re the right fit for the role, as it is about making sure we’re the right fit for you.

Generally, the end-to-end process involves:

1. Filling out a Sparro application form

2. A call with our recruiter, who then shortlists applicants for interviews

3. 2-3 interviews depending on the level of the role (Level 1 = Entry Level through to Level 6 = Senior Director/Lead)

4. An application task, to show off your skills and knowledge

The order of these steps will slightly differ depending on what level you are applying for.

What you can expect:

Questions that are not just related to your professional experience: we want to understand how you think and solve problems. So come to each interview with an open mind!

Interviews with a range of employees, including the business owners: we are proudly an independent, family-owned, tight-knit business. Sparro’s founding brothers, Cam and Morris, have worked extremely hard to build a supportive and inclusive culture, so we want to make sure each new hire is the right fit.

Up to a four-week timeframe: the process, from application through to job offer, can take up to four weeks. This gives us enough time to get the right people at Sparro in each of your interviews. 

A safe and open experience: at Sparro, we encourage our people to ‘question the question’. We are constantly learning and testing new ideas, so we welcome you to do the same. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to present creative, innovative ideas.

How to prepare:

So now you know what to expect, but how do you prepare for the hiring process at Sparro? Don’t stress, we’ve included some helpful tips to make sure our hiring process isn’t a blank canvas. 

Get to know us 

We think it’s important that you try to understand Sparro as best you can. From what we do, to who we work with, our people and what we stand for. We recommend finding us on LinkedIn so you can familiarise yourself with who you might be meeting. This should help you to provoke meaningful conversations and prepare relevant questions with your interviewer. 

Ask yourself the ‘Why’

It’s important to think about why you want the job at Sparro and in digital. Be prepared to explain this in your interview to show us why you might be a great fit for the team. We also suggest thinking about how you can best apply your skills and knowledge before you arrive. 

Come prepared 

We know it can be hard to think on the spot if you’re feeling nervous or under pressure in an interview. That’s why we think you should come prepared by predicting what we might ask you and what you can ask us! Not only will this give you a competitive edge, but you can arrive feeling more confident. We also recommend practising your elevator pitch so you can tell us a bit about yourself and what you do and will give you the opportunity to highlight your skills and achievements. 


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