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We are Sparro

We use data-driven digital marketing to build businesses online.

We’re an independent digital marketing agency based in Sydney. We excel at paid and organic search, and other inbound marketing.

Work directly with us to build your business. No go-betweens, no account managers, just a dedicated team of creative online specialists. We pride ourselves on our agile approach, bringing our clients value they can measure.

The Sparro team combines decades of varied experience in online marketing, SEO, paid search, content strategy and web development.

We work with a diverse client base including Destination NSW, Webjet, Surfstitch and Temple & Webster. Each brand is unique, with each strategy custom-built with a data-first approach.



Search marketing is what we do best. We create content and link building programs tailored to each client. Our strategies are driven by data, industry best-practice concepts and years of experience.

Paid Search

We specialise in wide-reaching, data-driven AdWords and Bing Ads campaigns, using APIs/Scripts. Our strategy rests on reach, relevancy and transparency. The result is greater return and insights.

Data Analysis

Data analysis is at the heart of digital marketing. We can complete tracking audits, GTM/GA implementations, offer insights into your AdWords or e-commerce data, or site analytics.

Multivariate Testing

Improve your site conversion and return by testing any number of design, content or function changes. We use ABTasty or Optimizely, coupled with GTM and GA, to benchmark and improve your site return.

Content Marketing

Make your content work for you. Make ties between your digital marketing and communications, and utilise your blog and site content for link building, PR and to assist in the conversion funnel.

Web Design

We build easy-to-use responsive websites powered by WordPress, the world’s most widely-adopted CMS. We put you in control, so you can own and manage all of your site content and products.


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Who we are

More than anything else, we love solving problems.

We’re an independent online marketing agency made up of a diverse group of specialists in everything from online marketing to copywriting to data analysis. Agile and responsive, we work directly with and for our clients to deliver targeted, measurable results.

While we each have our own area of expertise, we’re constantly sharing ideas, learning and adapting.

Sparro was formed in 2013, and is headed up by brothers Cameron and Morris Bryant, bringing together nearly two decade of experience in online marketing and web development with some of Australia’s leading brands and agencies.

We have a philosophy of solving problems, seeking new challenges and adding value in everything we do.

Cameron Bryant Partner
Morris Bryant Partner
Liam Barrett Inbound SEO Lead
Cindy Hoang Online Marketing Specialist
Bek Fraser PPC Lead
Caitlin West Content Marketing Specialist
Susan Thye Content Lead
Lorraine Brake Copywriter
Terence Luk Paid Search & Data Specialist
Jimmy Nguyen Online Marketer
Alex Campey Online Marketing Specialist
Anthony Le Online Marketer
Raymond Tang Online Marketing Specialist
Hannah Grugel Digital Marketing Content Writer
Ruben Sargsyan Lead Developer
Narek Avetisyan WordPress Developer
Lola Bryant Accounts

Sparro Blog

Industry updates and thoughts from our staff

November 28, 2016
How to use Google like a Pro

Site, info, intitle, inurl searches and more. Here’s how our SEO staff use Google day to day to find the most accurate results.

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October 25, 2016
5 AdWords Features We’re Wishing For

We’re regularly sharing feedback with Google on the AdWords console, and here are a few of our top feature requests.

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July 3, 2016
Sparro is now a Premier Google Partner

Sparro is now a premier Google Partner, having reached over $3m in ad spend per month, a huge spectrum of clients and numerous certified individuals in the business.

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May 26, 2016
5 Key AdWords Announcements from Google’s Performance Summit

1. You will be able to bid separately for mobile, tablet and desktop (again) Advertiers will soon be able to set bid adjustments for all three device types. Enhanced Campaigns ended this function when they launched in 2013 and grouped desktop and tablet bidding, and it’s a welcome change. For Advertisers, this means far greater […]

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May 24, 2016
Why Online Marketers Should Learn How to Code – Part 3

In Part 1 of this series we looked at why you should learn how to code, in Part 2 we looked at how JavaScript/HTML/CSS can be used to track results and optimise productivity. In this final chapter, we will look at a few tools that are hugely useful for cleaning data and automating bulk tasks. […]

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May 24, 2016
Why Online Marketers Should Learn How to Code – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we looked at why exactly an online marketer should learn how to code. In this part, I will cover how we use JavaScripts in our clients’ accounts to help us achieve our goals. Event Tracking helps marketers monitor performance We marketers love to track a huge range of metrics—we […]

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