Catch Australia's leading marketplace with 2.9m SKUs and 2m customers


A catalogue-driven digital campaign for Australia’s leading online marketplace, with over 2 million SKUs and 2.4m customers. The result: incredible growth and a price-tag of $230m when bought by Wesfarmers in 2019.

Starting life in 2006 as the daily-deals site “Catch of the Day”, Catch now sells a catalogue of over 2 million SKUs – including everything from baby shoes to protein powder.

They approached Sparro in 2017, requiring a partner for the launch of their marketplace. Catch needed a dynamic, automated solution to market this complex, ever-changing catalogue, while meeting ambitious performance targets.

Working with Catch, we developed a product segmentation function, drawing on dozens of points of sale, competitor and product data — allowing us to show the best-performing in real-time.

This is supported by a wide search build that covers all products and product SKUs onsite. Keyword discovery campaigns identify new opportunities so that our reach constantly evolves in line with the product catalogue.

Meanwhile, our inhouse bidding algorithms adjust bids and budgets based on live performance, ensuring we can constantly follow consumer, as well as catalogue, trends.



  • Market an ever-changing catalogue of nearly 3 million skus
  • Become Australia’s marketplace leader
  • Utilise live catalogue learnings to make better decisions, at scale


  • Campaign optimisation based on audience behaviour and live catalogue results
  • Segmentation of shopping feeds for greater performance
  • Mid-funnel campaigns to reach new users, using LTV analysis to isolate top cohorts


  • Search campaigns drove over $155 million in revenue from ad spend in FY18-19
  • Catch was purchased by Wesfarmers in 2019 after 13 years of incredible growth
  • Continued growth and success under Wesfarmers, achieving record growth during COVID-19

True professionals who know how to get results

Catch has worked with Sparro since 2017.

In that time we have seen significant growth in our traffic from paid search, to the point where this channel is a main driver of both revenue and customers for the business.

Sparro are constantly looking for new opportunities, for ways to optimise the account to deliver a more efficient and effective result. There is no doubting they are at the top of the SEM game and are an integral part of our business.

Always great to work with, open to ideas and always challenging us, we have a very strong working relationship with the entire team. They are a team of true professionals, who know how to get results.

Ryan Gracie
Chief Marketing Officer, Catch

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