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We’re digital marketers, data analysts and developers.

We’ve been building a team of ‘doers’ for the last six years; focusing on finding and training individuals that care for data and the details. Our priority in hiring is to find those with an aptitude for problem solving and self-learning.

In a space that’s always changing, we are constantly challenging and bettering ourselves. We value being multi-skilled and strive to create opportunities for our staff to keep learning and adapting.

After graduating from the University of NSW with a degree in finance and economics, I worked creating financial trading models - but found digital marketing to be more rewarding.
Cameron Bryant Partner
Originally, I studied journalism and creative writing, but was always drawn to the web. I love the impact and immediacy of our work, and the chance to work with incredible marketers and brands.
Morris Bryant Partner
After studying Psychology and Marketing I moved to London and discovered the world of digital marketing, where you never stop learning.
Hannah Jones General Manager
Purpose-driven marketer who'll always focus on producing impactful work we can all learn from, grow upon and be proud of.
Michael Troumbas Strategy Director
To me, success in the online marketing industry requires both a creative and analytical mind, a talent for problem solving and complete transparency on project results.
Bek Fraser PPC Lead
I studied Marketing & Psychology at Uni, using SEO as a side hustle. Over a decade later I find myself working with some of the best minds in digital and a team that is constantly growing.
Michael Sparkes SEO Lead
With a background in comms, I've always been fascinated by how stories and ideas have the power to capture an audience's attention and spark conversation or debate. The ability to use data to better dissect, track and measure the power of these stories is what ultimately drew me into the world of digital marketing.
Annabelle Page Content and Brand Lead
I work across key PPC and SEO accounts, with a strong focus on data and optimisation.
Sarah Arvela Key Account Lead (Retail)
I have a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Built a rocket and somehow ended up here.
Gino Hadiutomo Senior Media Specialist
I used to be a lawyer, so the logical next step was to move into Digital Marketing. No one can resist a good Excel spreadsheet.
Kevin Chen Senior Digital Marketer
I love digital marketing because it combines data with creativity.
Paige Mitchell Senior Digital Marketer
I believe Digital Marketing is the most exciting place to be right now, it never stops growing and I never stop learning. I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.
Krystal Traemer Senior Digital Marketer
Passionate digital marketer with a love for SEO, solving problems with creativity and data. I update my facial hair style more than Google updates its algorithm. Outside of Sparro, you'll find me on two wheels or on the golf course.
Ashley Burley Senior Digital Marketer
Neuroscience graduate, now using half my brain on PPC and the other half on gramming food around sydney! On the nerdy side, I also run R scripts for fun.
Aurelia Harjono Senior Data Specialist
I began working in digital marketing after university, moved to Sydney and am now the resident Scot in Sparro's SEO Team.
Nicola Calder Senior Digital Marketer
I have a degree in Economics and Marketing, and always found digital marketing one of the most interesting areas that was rarely discussed at university, which is how I ended up at Sparro!
Jarrad Clarke Digital Marketing Specialist
I always had a knack for writing and an interest in marketing, but I never knew where it could take me in the digital space.
Caitlin West Content Specialist
After studying marketing and PR at university, I was eager to work in the future of the marketing industry and digital marketing was the obvious answer. Sparro gives me the opportunity to combine core marketing practices with data analysis to help businesses connect with their customers and remain relevant in a digital age.
Sian Jamieson Digital Marketing Specialist
I graduated in Economics with Econometrics, but was looking for a way to apply my analytical skills creatively, in a role with variety. Digital marketing beckoned.
Jack Corley Digital Marketing Specialist
Sam Stewart SEO Specialist
Brie Mahnken Digital Marketing Specialist
I've pretty much been living the digital and performance dream since the first day of my first job post-uni - with no plan to stop! Most of it has been in programmatic, which I talk about until the sun comes up (don't tempt me...)
Margot Sandow Digital Marketing Specialist
I began working in digital marketing after college, moved to Sydney and am now the resident Irishman in Sparro's Corporate Team. (and no I didn't steal this from Nicola)...
Liam Parry Digital Marketing Specialist
Nikita Gour Digital Marketing Specialist
Nina Lin Digital Marketing Specialist
Finance Lawyer turned Digital Marketer. I’ve always been fascinated by the psychology of marketing, and using data to make better business decisions. I made the transition into digital marketing after completing my MBA and working in brand strategy in Milan.
Nadia Randello Digital Marketing Executive
I have a social media/content creation background (can make a good meme), but pivoted into a digital marketing role because I wanted less ambiguity and to see my work directly drive sales and revenue.
Luke Rowntree Digital Marketing Executive
I love digital marketing because I can use numbers to find patterns and trends in human behaviour and then leverage this information to help businesses connect with their customers.
Laraine Caruana Digital Marketing Executive
A Lawyer turned Digital Marketer, a sector in which I had the hope of learning something new everyday whilst enjoying what I do. Sparro is the hub for both
Angus Humphreys Digital Marketing Executive
After graduating in IT & international studies I wanted to utilise my problem solving skills in a digital career. Sparro has motivated me to continually improve for innovative SEO solutions.
Evans Li Digital Marketing Executive
I'm a lawyer, turned Pilates Instructor, turned Digital Marketer. Now in the SEO team at Sparro, I've found what I love doing - being creative with digital strategies and supporting our clients every day, while learning from the best.
Elle Kaldis Digital Marketing Executive
I had to travel halfway across the world to find out what I wanted to be when I grew up. The internet, nice people, food and fun are the things I thrive on, and, at Sparro, I found the full set.
Auguste Levanaite Digital Marketing Executive
Love being in an environment where we are constantly challenging the digital industry and testing new ideas. Every day I learn something new at Sparro.
Zoe Mullane Digital Marketing Executive
After studying Psychology at university I found myself in the big wide world of PR and communications. Now I’ve joined Sparro’s growing SEO team, I love the constant challenges and opportunities to get creative.
Mimi Poole Digital Marketing Executive
Siham Naser Digital Marketing Executive
As an Information Systems graduate, I am passionate about combining my business & technical skills to help businesses integrate technology into their processes. This is why I joined Sparro, Sparro is a place where I can do just that. In my free time I love making sick data visualisations.
Jack Jong Digital Marketing Executive
I've always loved the creativity, analytics, and psychology behind Marketing. Coming from an app development company I was eager to make the switch to an agency to help various companies get the growth they deserve. I'm super excited to call Sparro home.
Ciara Hautau Digital Marketing Executive
A marketing and international business graduate, I love finding ways to merge my creative and technical skills to help businesses be their best in the digital marketing space.
Erica Nardo Digital Marketing Executive
After studying Business at Uni and travelling round the world, I've found myself in a range of different marketing specialist roles including traditional, affiliate & partnerships and digital. Loving the digital world, I'm stoked to be at Sparro to dive deeper in this constantly growing and changing space.
Nicola Forbes-Smith Digital Marketing Executive
Having worked in both agency and client-side roles in sports marketing, I've now joined the team at Sparro to expand my knowledge across industries and grow my digital marketing expertise.
Kristine Marinkovic Digital Marketing Executive
As a journalism student turned software designer, working in digital marketing has given me a chance to leverage both my creative side and my technical skills in a really unique way. I love the challenge and I look forward to seeing where the industry takes me.
Jordan Betts Digital Marketer
I am a Communications and Media graduate, with a major in marketing. Love being a part of the Sparro Team, where I get to learn and challenge myself daily. Sparro is the perfect place to keep up with this constantly changing digital marketing world.
Naomi Drinkwater Digital Marketer
A social media addict / pharmacist and now turned Digital Marketer and newest member of the data team, because why not?
Ericka Dewi Digital Marketer
Coming from an accounting and finance background, I like dealing with numbers. Loving being at Sparro as it gives me the environment I need to keep learning whilst combining data with creativity.
Ervin Poernama Digital Marketer
Lola Bryant Accounts
I’m Sparro’s developer, building customised WordPress solutions for our clients.
Ruben Sargsyan Lead Developer
I’m a Web developer at Sparro since 2015. I make WordPress solutions for our clients.
Narek Avetisyan Web Developer

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