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We’re digital marketers, data analysts, content creators and developers.

We’ve been building a team of hands-on ‘doers’ for the last 11 years. Our focus is on finding and training individuals who care about people, data and details. Our priority in hiring isn’t decades of experience — it’s finding good people with an aptitude for problem-solving and an appetite for self-learning.

In a space that’s always changing, we’re constantly challenging and bettering ourselves. We value being multi-skilled and strive to create opportunities for our people to keep learning and adapting.

If you’re interested in joining our team, find our current job openings here!

Co-founder at Sparro. Helping clients build and measure their digital strategies. Background in data and finance.
Cameron Bryant Partner
I'm Sparro's co-founder with over 16 years of experience in digital. I support our senior team with building major client strategies and lead business direction with my brother, Cameron.
Morris Bryant Partner
Over 12 years experience in digital agencies and client-side. Today, I focus on mentoring Sparro's account leads, retaining clients, and leading an inclusive culture for Sparro & Jack Nimble.
Hannah Jones Group General Manager
Purpose-driven marketer who'll always focus on producing impactful work we can all learn from, grow upon and be proud of.
Michael Troumbas Strategy Director
Senior Marketer with 20 years agency and client side experience. I believe impact is more important than effort and spend my time fostering a people first approach to deliver business results for partners.
Sarah Hunter Group Account Director
Michael Sparkes Group SEO Director
Over 8 years of digital marketing and engineering experience. These days I focus on unlocking growth opportunities for new and existing client partners, and elevating the agency's media offerings.
Gino Hadiutomo Media and Growth Lead
Over 5 years in digital marketing, with a background in neuroscience. I lead a team of brilliant data scientists and marketers; synthesising multi-channel strategies to solve complex business challenges.
Aurelia Harjono Data & Strategy Director
A Key Account Lead with a background in performance marketing. I support my team in delivering highly thought out strategies to solve clients' business problems. I also love getting stuck into the data.
Ashley Burley Key Account Lead
Solutions-focused Account Director leading strategy, direction and client partnerships for some of Sparro's key retail accounts. I focus on solving business problems through data and innovation.
Nicola Calder Account Director
Key Account Lead with 8+ years of marketing experience across a range of channels and industries. Eager to help clients find the growth they deserve and very fortunate to call Sparro home.
Ciara Hautau Key Account Lead
Coming up to 10 years in the industry. Today, I now head up one of Sparro's diversified channels teams, where we talk all things programmatic and how it impacts whole-business performance.
Margot Sandow Media and Growth Lead
Bringing 6 years of experience in digital marketing; I lead several of Sparro's retail accounts. Internally, I support the agency's direction on all things media best practice and growth for paid channels.
Kristine Marinkovic Key Account Lead
Over 8 years experience in creative, promotions and media. I look after some of Sparro's key clients, onboard new tech partners and help with growth opportunities for other client teams.
Henry Hellegas Media and Growth Lead
A former designer, developer, and teacher, I now lead Sparro's strategic product initiatives. My focus is on harnessing data and technology to propel growth for our clients.
Dan Baker Product Director
Account Director with almost a decade of experience working in agencies and client-side. I spend my time managing an incredible team and driving client business outcomes with data-driven strategies.
Lucas Palmero Account Director
With over 7 years of affiliate experience, I'm excited to champion the partnerships industry and help Sparro's clients navigate the channel, maximise return and build meaningful partnerships.
Angus Waters Partnerships Account Director
Experienced Financial Controller providing financial reporting and analysis. I enjoy working with various stakeholders and assisting in business process improvement initiatives. Outside of work I like playing football, travelling and experiencing different cultures.
Jose Perez Financial Controller
Just under a decade in digital, with experience in web design, publishing, and 7+ years in SEO. I support channel direction for Sparro's SEO offering and consult on owned media strategy for our biggest clients.
Sam Stewart Senior SEO Specialist
Account lead with over 5 years experience working on complex clients in the start-up, e-commerce and not-for-profit verticals. Currently leading a team of legends and scaling international clients.
Zoe Mullane Senior Digital Marketer
Leading Sparro's Google Ads channel direction through experimentation and upholding best practice. I believe in leveraging automation and the latest data tech to maximise efficiency.
Ervin Poernama Senior Data and Growth Specialist
I head up Sparro's operations and accounts team, working with our client and management teams to ensure that everything is running smoothly across the business.
Liam Varley Senior Operations Analyst
Performance specialist; leading clients particularly in the not-for-profit, education and retail spaces. My approach to creating sustainable growth is to tie digital marketing to core business goals.
Rachel Morrissey Senior Digital Marketer
Search, Shopping and Social specialist with 10 years of experience working both client-side in e-commerce and in digital marketing agencies. Currently leading Sparro accounts in fashion and beauty.
Brie Mahnken Senior Digital Marketer
Specialising in paid media strategy and direction, I lead some of Sparro's key retail accounts. I support my team to deliver impactful digital campaigns based on data-led decisions and constant testing.
Alexandra Gerner Senior Digital Marketer
Senior Digital Marketer with 7+ years experience in paid media! Huge spreadsheet-guy, proud dog dad, and passionate about growing clients and driving impact. Working with some of the best in the biz, my portfolio covers key ecommerce, education and finance clients.
Tom Peter Senior Digital Marketer
Relationships-driven marketing specialist focused on exploring new revenue streams through partnerships. My favourite moments are when brands and publishers experience joint success and everyone wins.
Cali Carpenter Senior Partnerships Manager
Over 5 years of experience in SEO, SEM and Social, with a background in Psychology & Law. I get (very) excited about multi-channel strategies, e-commerce growth, and diving deep into data.
Miranda Franklin Senior Digital Marketer
Tim Rocke Senior Paid Social Specialist
I'm an Enterprising SEO specialist with over 6 years of experience. I love the constantly changing world of organic search and thrive on thinking outside the box to deliver results for my clients.
Luke Nicholson Senior Digital Marketer
A data-driven digital marketing strategist who thrives on turning numbers into actionable insights. Here to harness the power of analytics and creative thinking to drive our clients' digital success.
Ericka Dewi Digital Marketing Specialist
Paid media specialist with a background in client-side e-commerce. Today, I work with an amazing team of driven people who bring new creative ideas to life for a range of retail and lead-based clients.
Taylor De Sousa Digital Marketing Specialist
I specialise in SEO for e-commerce and education brands, but have been known to dabble in paid search and social as well. I focus on solution-oriented approaches and put results first.
Kieran Healy Digital Marketing Specialist
Digital Marketing Specialist across paid performance channels from SEM, social + more. You'll find me developing innovative strategies and implementing advanced campaigns for the Home and CPG sectors.
Toni Ferreira Digital Marketing Specialist
A paid media specialist with a background in science and accounting. I love how digital marketing fuses data with creativity — and working at such a people-focused agency makes it even better.
Samantha Elliott Digital Marketing Specialist
I am a paid media specialist working on some of Sparro's largest e-commerce marketplace clients. I bring a decade of experience leveraging data insights to create digital strategies.
Michael Stambouli Digital Marketing Specialist
Digital marketer who loves finding opportunities for better performance. I lead clients by focussing on paid media experimentation and building strategies that drives sustainable business growth.
Declan Baker Digital Marketing Specialist
A paid media specialist with over 5 years of strategic experience in Finance, FMCG, Pharmaceutical & Health verticals. I support channel diversification to drive business outcomes.
Yenfei Tan Media Specialist
A creative type and internet addict. My background in content production and PR helps me reframe SEO from a rankings exercise into a branding opportunity. I'm also Sparro's internal marketing guy.
Jacob Spaccavento Brand & Communications Manager/SEO Specialist
I work on some of our largest retail clients, specialising in paid social and SEM. I help solve problems across a range of paid media channels and love working with such smart, fun people at Sparro.
Chiara Pettinato Digital Marketing Specialist
Data Scientist helping to devise, implement and sell Sparro's Data Science offering. Internally, I manage our cloud infrastructure and help client teams with their data flows and technical platform issues.
Jordan Taylor Data Scientist Specialist
A Data Scientist who enjoys solving challenging problems. My specialty is using first-party data to unlock business-level insights and propose new solutions.
Nebojsa Ajdarevic Data Scientist Specialist
A digital marketing all-rounder interested in the intersection of paid social, search marketing and SEO. Experienced working with clients in digital retail, charity, events and services.
Yasmin Shewaram Digital Marketing Specialist
Specialist in performance marketing, with a background in data science — I work on some of Sparro's largest retail clients. I love developing strategic initiatives and making a real difference for clients.
Jacky Zhu Digital Marketing Specialist
Leading paid media and growth for clients in e-commerce and professional services. I help brands to leverage data-backed insights and look at customers through the lens of behavioural economics.
Nikolas Katehos Digital Marketing Specialist
Former Londoner, cheesemaker, and charity marketer now loving the variety and challenge of digital marketing at Sparro.
Charlotte Bold-Roe Digital Marketing Specialist
Armed with a background in programmatic advertising and an affinity for strategy, I'm all about channel diversification and helping brands be smarter and more relevant with their media choices.
Anna-Maria Natlacen Digital Media Specialist
Worked in paid media for over 3 years, with a focus on social and programmatic advertising. Currently working with an amazing team of driven people for a range of Sparro's accounts across fashion, fast food, and health care based clients.
Celline Novella Digital Marketing Specialist
Digital marketer specialising in SEO with 5 years' experience. My interests lie where content design, technical SEO and user experience meet and overlap to drive organic growth for clients.
Debbie Yeung SEO Executive
A digital marketing executive specialising in paid media. I believe in building strong relationships with clients to gain a deeper understanding of their business and develop unique solutions to drive success.
Bec Howard Digital Marketing Specialist
A Digital Marketing Executive focusing on all things paid performance channels. Specialising in servicing and delivering results on large-scale e-commerce and entertainment clients
Mia Aquilina Digital Marketing Specialist
Focused on SEO, with experience working on cross-channel strategies for clients in travel, education and e-commerce. I use my creative side to create efficiency and drive value for businesses.
Aidan Butterfield SEO Executive
My goal is to create an environment where everyone at Sparro can work and feel their best. I love organising, meeting new people, hosting events, and making margs or espresso martinis on Fridays.
Nadia Ho Office & Operations Executive
Digital Marketer with a focus on Paid Social and SEO. I love collaborating with my team to deliver impact for clients — experimenting with new strategies and watching the numbers grow keeps me going.
Brooke Apps Digital Marketing Executive
A versatile digital marketing all-rounder. I primarily work in paid search and social channels, as well as SEO, for clients in beauty, fashion and e-commerce. I came to Sparro to learn from the best.
Billie Karadimas Digital Marketing Executive
Digital marketer who loves life, sports, and travel. I have 6 years of experience; specialising in search advertising and paid social, with a background in programatic advertising. Happy to be part of Sparro!
Goktay Bocek Digital Media Executive
Paid media all-rounder with a dual-fascination for a) new platforms, and b) what motivates people. I was that kid running questionable social experiments, but today, I'm that kid enjoying all things digital.
Lara Boyle Digital Marketing Executive
A Data Scientist with a passion for forecasting, trends, and unveiling hidden gems within massive datasets. I believe in collaboration to turn data insights into strategic solutions.
Mark Lee Data Scientist
Over 6 years working both client-side and in digital marketing agencies, with experience in 4 countries and diverse languages. I bring a holistic approach to using marketing to solve business problems.
Santiago Paz Digital Marketing Executive
Digital marketing all-rounder who loves learning and staying on top of what's new in the ever-evolving marketing industry. Always building new skills and getting exposure to a range of client industries.
Luke Di Salvio Digital Marketing Executive
A dedicated digital marketer with a people-centric approach. I specialise in enhancing multi-channel performance, with a commitment to uncovering innovative ways to scale up and drive results for my clients.
Joe McCauley Digital Marketing Executive
A Digital Marketer working across paid social and SEO. I believe in providing value for clients by looking for opportunities for cross-channel collaboration and staying up to date with digital trends.
Elena Coluzzi-Farrell Digital Marketing Executive
With previous experience in the fast-paced world of sports, I'm a big believer in the power of combining quality creative with data to leave a lasting impression on consumers.
Jacalyn Holmes Digital Marketing Executive
Committed and enthusiastic Digital Marketer specialising in the paid media space, with a proven track record of success across a diverse range of clients. I am passionate about delivering impactful results through data-driven insights and collaborating closely with the talented team at Sparro.
Chris Carboni Digital Marketing Executive
People-focused digital marketer with diverse industry experience, especially in client success. I believe great performance comes from growing my knowledge and experience on digital platforms — but also from building strong, positive relationships with clients and colleagues.
Miq Kasim Digital Marketing Executive
Erika Otero Digital Marketing Executive
Cindy Ly Partnerships Marketing Executive
Joyceline Oey Data Analyst
Ryan Syed SEO Executive
Lauren Whitaker SEO Exeuctive
A data-driven Digital Marketing Coordinator working in Paid Social, Paid Search & SEO. I've been fortunate to work with some of Sparro's largest clients in fashion, fast food, pet, and financial services. I love my job and I strive to bring value in everything I do.
Jordan Keeling Digital Marketing Coordinator
A Digital Marketer specialising in paid search and social media channels with experience across retail, food & beverage, charity and more. I thrive on building client relationships, understanding their needs, and collaborating closely to achieve shared goals.
Caitlin O'Shannassy Digital Marketing Coordinator
Results-oriented digital marketer with a blend of traditional and digital expertise. Crafts high-performing, multi-channel campaigns that drive client growth. Proven success in e-commerce, pharmaceutical, and alcohol industries.
Ben Rosenstrauss Digital Marketing Coordinator
Catherine Sulaiman Digital Marketing Coordinator
Joanna Pramudia SEO Coordinator
Cindy Nguyen Digital Marketing Coordinator
Harry Gross Digital Marketing Coordinator
James Harrison Digital Marketing Coordinator
Sparro's long-time web developer, specialised in building customised WordPress solutions for our clients.
Ruben Sargsyan Lead Developer
I’ve been supporting Sparro with it's web development since 2015. I make WordPress solutions for our clients.
Narek Avetisyan Web Developer

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