Our team.

Agile, responsive,

Our team

We’re digital marketers, data analysts and developers.

We’ve been building a team of ‘doers’ for the last five years; focusing on finding and training individuals that care for data and the details.

Our priority in hiring is to find those with an aptitude for problem solving and self-learning.

In a space that’s always changing, we are constantly challenging and bettering ourselves.

We value being multi-skilled and strive to create opportunities for our staff to keep learning and adapting.

Originally, I studied journalism and creative writing, but was always drawn to the web.
Morris Bryant


After graduating from the University of NSW with a degree in finance and economics, I worked creating financial trading models - but found digital marketing to be more rewarding.
Cameron Bryant


After studying Psychology and Marketing I moved to London and discovered the world of digital marketing, where you never stop learning.
Hannah Jones

Key Account Director

Michael Sparkes

SEO Lead

To me, success in the online marketing industry requires both a creative and analytical mind, a talent for problem solving and complete transparency on project results.
Bek Fraser

PPC Lead

I have a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Built a rocket and somehow ended up here.
Gino Hadiutomo

Senior Digital Marketer

I love digital marketing because it combines data with creativity.
Paige Mitchell

Senior Digital Marketer

I work across key PPC and SEO accounts, with a strong focus on data and optimisation.
Sarah Arvela

Senior Digital Marketer

After working across the social and content based side of digital marketing, I found myself wanting to gain a more holistic approach and immersed myself in search.
Carissa Tong

Digital Marketing Specialist

I used to be a lawyer, so the logical next step was to move into Digital Marketing. No one can resist a good Excel spreadsheet.
Kevin Chen

Senior Digital Marketer

I fell into Digital Marketing after graduating with a Bachelor of Communication, and I love that I continue to learn something new everyday.
Kiarnii Tickle

Digital Marketing Specialist

I always had a knack for writing and an interest in marketing, but I never knew where it could take me in the digital space.
Caitlin West

Content Specialist

Writing is my passion and I’m constantly searching for inspiration.
Hannah Grugel

Digital Marketing Specialist

I have a degree in Journalism, and experience in editorial and PR. I aim is to implement well-rounded digital comms solutions.
Angela Antenero

Digital Marketing Executive

Aside from being the resident DJ, I work across SEO and PPC where I continue to learn something new every day and deliver solutions to clients.
Katherine Trinh

Digital Marketing Executive

I believe Digital Marketing is the most exciting place to be right now, it never stops growing and I never stop learning. I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.
Krystal Traemer

Digital Marketing Specialist

I'm another ex-lawyer who defected to Digital Marketing before I died of boredom. Now I learn something new everyday in an exciting and fast-paced environment.
George Coudounaris

Digital Marketing Executive

I have a degree in Economics and Marketing, and always found digital marketing one of the most interesting areas that was rarely discussed at university, which is how I ended up at Sparro!
Jarrad Clarke

Digital Marketing Executive

I had dabbled in digital marketing in my previous role but after joining Sparro, I discovered that there was so much more to it than search. I love how the industry keeps evolving and changing!
Soojin Namkung

Digital Marketing Executive

Anthony Le

Digital Marketer

Lola Bryant


I’m Sparro’s developer, building customised WordPress solutions for our clients.
Ruben Sargsyan

Lead Developer

I’m a Web developer at Sparro since 2015. I make WordPress solutions for our clients.
Narek Avetisyan

WordPress Developer