Our team.

Agile, responsive,

Our team

We’re digital marketers, writers and developers.

We’ve been building a team of ‘doers’ for the last four years; focusing on finding and training individuals that care for data and the details.

Our priority in hiring is to find those with an aptitude for problem solving and self-learning.

In a space that’s always changing, we are constantly challenging and bettering ourselves.

We value being multi-skilled and strive to create opportunities for our staff to keep learning and adapting.

After graduating from the University of NSW with a degree in finance and economics, I worked creating financial trading models - but found digital marketing to be more rewarding.
Cameron Bryant


Originally, I studied journalism and creative writing, but was always drawn to the web.
Morris Bryant


To me, success in the online marketing industry requires both a creative and analytical mind, a talent for problem solving and complete transparency on project results.
Bek Fraser

PPC Lead

My role is to increase overall organic search traffic by creating and implementing link building strategies, keyword research and content creation.
Liam Barrett

Inbound SEO Lead

I graduated from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Commerce and Science majoring in Finance and Statistics.
Terence Luk

Paid Search & Data Specialist

I always had a knack for writing and an interest in marketing, but I never knew where it could take me in the digital space.
Caitlin West

Content Marketing Specialist

I studied psychology and writing at the University of Queensland, but it wasn’t long before I swapped my diagnostic manual for a list of search best practices.
Lorraine Brake


I love meeting and exceeding targets by extracting, manipulating and analysing data.
Jimmy Nguyen

Online Marketer

Anthony Le

Online Marketer

Writing is my passion and I’m constantly searching for inspiration.
Hannah Grugel

Digital Marketing Content Writer

I have a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Built a rocket and somehow ended up here.
Gino Hadiutomo

Online Marketer

Paige Mitchell

Online Marketer

Andrea Alvarez

Online Marketer

I work across key PPC and SEO accounts, with a strong focus on data and optimisation.
Sarah Arvela

Online Marketer

Kiarnii Tickle

Online Marketer

Gabby Chan

Online Marketer

Lola Bryant


I’m Sparro’s developer, building customised WordPress solutions for our clients.
Ruben Sargsyan

Lead Developer

I’m a Web developer at Sparro since 2015. I make WordPress solutions for our clients.
Narek Avetisyan

WordPress Developer