Temple & Webster are Australia’s leading online furniture retailer, with a database of over 1 million members and a catalogue of 147,000+ products.

The campaign objectives were to:

  • Represent the full product catalogue on Search and Google Shopping
  • Focus on new customer acquisition
  • Improve ROI

Temple & Webster wanted a partner that could efficiently and dynamically cover all possible keyword combinations across 1,100+ homewares and furniture categories, while maintaining granularity and visibility on profit generation from AdWords.


Wide-reaching campaigns, advanced attribution and sales-driven decision-making.

The entire Temple account was rebuilt to cover all possible keyword combinations, while ‘upper-funnel’ and user-type attribution was put in place to understand the full impact of non-brand paid activity.

Automated, catalogue-driven campaigns allowed for highly-specific ads, extensions and keywords; improving the account CTR and conversion rate.


CPCs and CPS were halved in the first month. The budget has since doubled, while the CPS has improved 22%.

Lower CPCs allowed us to almost double the ROI in the first month. A year on, the budget has doubled, while the ROI has improved a further 22%.

We challenge each other to constantly innovate, improve

We’ve partnered with sparro since 2016 and they’ve been a huge part of our success.

Always evolving with us, expanding their remit from performance search into media, social.

They’ve been impactful right across the business.

They truly act as an extension of our team. We challenge each other to constantly innovate, improve. Together we’ve come up with a model that’s contributed greatly to Temple & Webster’s growth, which sits at 74% YoY in FY20.

We’ve also had the same team at Sparro since day 1. you really don’t see that sort of retention in the agency space. What it means is that they really understand our business, where we’re going, and how we can set our sights even higher and push the boundaries of what’s possible

Carole El-Rahi
Head of Marketing, Temple & Webster
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