Temple & Webster are Australia’s leading online furniture retailer, with a database of over 1 million members and a catalogue of 147,000+ products.

The campaign objectives were to:

  • Represent the full product catalogue on Search and Google Shopping
  • Focus on new customer acquisition
  • Improve ROI

Temple & Webster wanted a partner that could efficiently and dynamically cover all possible keyword combinations across 1,100+ homewares and furniture categories, while maintaining granularity and visibility on profit generation from AdWords.


Wide-reaching campaigns, advanced attribution and sales-driven decision-making.

The entire Temple account was rebuilt to cover all possible keyword combinations, while ‘upper-funnel’ and user-type attribution was put in place to understand the full impact of non-brand paid activity.

Automated, catalogue-driven campaigns allowed for highly-specific ads, extensions and keywords; improving the account CTR and conversion rate.


CPCs and CPS were halved in the first month. The budget has since doubled, while the CPS has improved 22%.

Lower CPCs allowed us to almost double the ROI in the first month. A year on, the budget has doubled, while the ROI has improved a further 22%.

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