Runaway The Label SEO strategy boosts sales by 100% for Aussie brand

Runaway The Label
Runaway The Label

At the forefront of the Australian womens’ fashion scene, Runaway The Label epitomises style and confidence: the go-to brand for women always on the go, always in the know and always the best dressed in the room.

Our collaboration was focused on using SEO to cut through in an ultra-competitive market, improving organic visibility and driving runaway sales.


As of August 2020, brand-related search terms were driving 75% of Runaway The Label’s traffic, with other brands on their site (notably, Prem The Label) responsible for the remainder. However, in a post-COVID/lockdown retail climate, the competition was fierce – from the likes of Showpo, Whitefox, Meshki, Saboskirt etc. 

Sparro’s goal was to work with Runaway The Label to deliver more organic traffic, thereby increasing organic transactions in a saturated market.


The project was primarily content directed, improving key category pages to inspire profitable customer action. 

We identified keyword opportunities (mainly focused on non-branded generic terms as well as occasion/seasonal events) and incorporated them into main pages to bolster rankings, visibility and transactions. 

At the start of the project, they had 7 keywords ranking in the top 20 (with 1 keyword in the top 3) – they are now ranking for 30 keywords in the top 20 (with 14 ranking in the top 3). These include highly competitive examples, notably “Dresses” – ranking 2 (from no ranking at all) with a 103k monthly search volume – and “Midi Dresses”, ranking 3 with a 26k monthly search volume. 

Our content strategy also included generating timely sales pages that focused on peak demand periods, such as Black Friday. Meanwhile, an overhaul of the site’s navigation improved UX and visibility, pulling trending/in-demand category sections into the main navigation and better categorising the sub menu. 

This was complemented by additional technical improvements: adding product markup schema, updating titles and meta descriptions, creating an HTML sitemap and improving interlinking between pages. 



  • Expand organic presence on non-branded terms
  • Increase organic sessions and revenue


  • On-page SEO optimisations to key pages
  • Build new content around high converting/high traffic topics
  • Improve technical aspects of the site for better UX/UI


  • Between September 2020 and April 2021, the project delivered an improvement of 58% in organic sessions YoY (from 293k to 463K sessions), with organic transactions improving by 109%, from 5k to 12k. As a result, YoY Organic revenue improved by 116%, from $711K to $1.52M. Other essential results include:
    • 60% increase in organic clicks compared to Jan 2020-August 2020 (search console)
    • 72% increase in organic sessions compared to Jan 2020-August 2020 (search console)

The Result

organic sessions YoY
organic transactions YoY
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