Bing Lee A family-owned institution
for over 63 years

Bing Lee
Bing Lee

Sparro have partnered with the iconic Aussie retailer to drive growth online and cross-channel in a crowded, fast-moving space.

From their humble beginnings in the late 50s as a small electronics repair shop in Fairfield to the status of retail giant with 40 retail stores across NSW, ACT and Victoria, Bing Lee has remained a locally-revered and respected company in the electronics and home appliances space. 

In 2017, the company was looking to continue their incredible history and growth online; taking advantage of the shift to e-commerce in the appliance space. In order to do this, Bing Lee needed scalability within paid search, alongside an innovative tracking solution to suit their business and help them better understand buying habits of consumers that research and compare offline, then purchase in-store.

We were able to close the loop using a custom solution — attributing online activity to offline sales. The proprietary solution makes no assumptions and has given us incredible insight into multi-channel behaviour. 

In the third month, ROI had increased by 348%

We’re now in our third year and still delivered 48% growth during our EOFY sale.

We’ve been able to close the gap on offline sales, directly attributing these to online media.

Sparro has complimented our offline marketing campaigns by delivering incremental sales through online, and bricks and mortar stores. Together we’ve been able to achieve revenue targets and CPS (Cost Per Sale) targets.

Our digital marketing spend has increased 400% and the CPS has actually dropped.

Thuy Koval
Marketing Manager, Bing Lee


  • To create a scalable paid search build encompassing the vast number of onsite products 
  • Increase return on ad spend 
  • Implementation of omni-channel conversion tracking


  • Reach all in-market users with highly relevant, dynamic ads
  • Tailored conversion tracking solution for greater transparency
  • Increase proportion of new users through non-brand traffic
  • Improved visibility through early adoption and testing of ad products


  • Creation of Bing Lee’s first successful omni-channel online tracking solution, using their existing technology, and with no development costs
  • 3-digit increase in ad spend YoY 
  • 24% improvement in CPS YoY

The result

ad spend
improvement in ROI
omni-channel tracking solution
Morris Bryant
Cameron Bryant
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