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How we approach UX

Our UX and UI design services involve research, design, testing, more testing and optimisation. Our motivation is in providing the most engaging and intuitive online atmosphere. Design and data are at the heart of every optimisation and we create responsive web designs with engaging user interfaces to drive your users to achieve your goals. We balance technical elements with content marketing, consistent branding and copywriting to present users with synergy of your brand, not just information.

We have years of experience working with clients across all types of industries, and we know the ins and outs of UX and UI design. What we don’t already know, we learn. We stay up to date with website best practices and design trends to develop a visual site that inspires action.


The intersection of SEO and UX

SEO can no longer be considered without a focus on UX and UI. Basically, if SEO measures results, UX and UI look specifically at the actions taken to achieve these results. As search engines are geared towards providing results that are user-focused and user-friendly, if you want your website to rank in organic searches, your website’s functionality is critical. An appealing and easy to navigate website that facilitates users to take certain desired actions, will result in happy, returning users and a high ranking, visible business.

Focusing on UX and UI design also helps to:

  • optimise your website layout for a specific target audience and users
  • improve a website’s accessibility and encourage returning visits.
  • drive on-site actions to complement SEO driving on-page traffic
  • increase conversions and deliver business revenue
Analyse /01

We begin all SEO projects with a technical SEO audit which includes a specific focus on website design, UX and UI.

Research and testing are at our core. So first, we stalk your users. Not really, but we research and find out what appeals to them and how they behave on site.

Then using online tools we test. CRO testing and heatmaps give us insight into how visitors engage with a website and it’s functionality. We use this data to determine key elements that may be impacting user experience on site.

Define /02

We don’t deal in cookie-cutter solutions. Our strategy is tailored according to your site and target audience.

We define a strategy to improve the UX and UI of your website, including optimisations specific to mobile. We study the data, fix any faults, highlight potential opportunities, determine elements that are working and areas that need improvement.

Implement /03

We craft digital experiences for your users, taking into account website design best practices, trending features, technical functionalities and more. Our experienced in-house developers and designers collaborate with yours to create a cohesive concept that resonates with your brand.

Our team is agile and we incorporate these changes efficiently and effectively. With Sparro on your side, you can expect more from your website’s performance, and an exceptional user experience is just the beginning.

Optimise /04

We track and report on your web pages rankings and keywords, as well as traffic to your site overall. We look for what is working, and what will work better.

We continue revising our tactics and these numbers to ensure we’re always learning and improving, including testing and updating your UX and UI, while identifying content opportunities.


Let’s talk about your site.

We work with businesses of all sizes, either on retainer or one-time projects. We typically structure an engagement based on how much impact you’d like to have, over what period.

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