Applaws Tapping into the love Australians have for their pets


Now a presence in over 50 countries worldwide, the Applaws brand was founded on the belief that our beloved pets deserve quality food made from nutritious, ethically-sourced ingredients.

Looking to cut through a crowded, ever-growing market, Applaws joined forces with Sparro in early 2020. They were looking for renewed growth; to build a database that would influence future marketing efforts, business decisions and digital campaigns while increasing supermarket and specialty store sales.

The plan was to tap into what we knew of Aussies: a big chunk of us own pets and care more and more about what our animals are being fed. We needed to connect with owners on the hunt for natural, healthier products.

The opportunity was there – and no one, yet, owned the conversation about “pet well-being”.

For their part, Applaws had been dabbling in different communication pillars with a focus on softer metrics but hadn’t found a way to effectively drive consumer consideration for purchase.

The first campaign of a three part digital brand reignition series was a four-week Facebook & Instagram leads campaign promoting a free guide to “what’s good to add to your pet’s diet” and, conversely, “what to steer away from”. This included targeting audiences most likely to connect with the brand, those inclined to download the free guide and those “experimenters” willing to try new, more natural and healthier pet food alternatives.

As a result, we achieved 21% over forecasted leads, even with a large mid-campaign change to focus on higher quality audiences and interests. The total AUNZ database grew by 22% in only a 4-week period.

From these amazing results, Applaws are now well-positioned to deliver on the next two 2020 digital campaigns’ objectives and achieve overarching AU sales targets.



  • Increase their AU database to quickly build a larger Australian base of potential customers


  • Targeted Facebook and Instagram messaging to over 40 unique dog/cat-lover audience segments
  • Emphasis on pet well-being with themed, animated images designed to capture attention in the right moment


  • Achieved 21% over forecast leads
  • The total AUNZ database grew by 22% in only a 4-week period
  • Page Followers increased by 4% in a 4-week period, for a page live for 6 years

Exceeded all KPIs

At MPM we work hand-in-hand with our agencies to drive awareness of our brands across digital platforms.

Sparro’s lead generation campaign work has been refreshingly insightful which has been critical to help Applaws connect with our audiences in an educational yet engaging way, ultimately aiming to drive trial. The whole Sparro team shares our passion for our mission and they are a pleasure to work with – even little Ted!

Having exceeded all KPIs, it’s safe to say myself and the wider MPM team are really pleased with the results Sparro have driven and pleased to report that there’s lots more to come.

Charlotte Boots
Brand Manager APAC, MPM Products (Applaws)

The Result

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