We rebuilt the Concrete Playground site using a suite of custom WordPress plugins.

The build was the largest we’ve ever completed, and required building entirely-bespoke WordPress functions and plugins that greatly extended the original use of the CMS.

A major priority was ensuring the hugely-dynamic and image-heavy site remained fast to load, and was search optimised.

To complete their product database, we integrated with Google Maps, Facebook and other sources, to ensure we had the most accurate information on addresses, phone numbers and opening times.

We worked closely with the Concrete Playground team and their design agency to complete the relaunch, and the resulting site was later nominated for a Webby Award.


Custom Post Types were used to allow editors to easily create and edit Restaurants, Bars and other listings.

This meant all data was ‘normalised’ and we were able to create search filters by any attribute – cuisines, suburbs, etc.

This created a much better user-experience, as well as the ability for Concrete Playground to attract longtail search traffic for highly-specific keywords. All pages were highly-optimised for this purpose, with a significant amount of interlinking to ensure that the depth of content was always indexed.

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