Case Study: Goodman

Upper-funnel transparency


Goodman is a global integrated property group that owns, develops and manages industrial and commercial business space. In Australia, Goodman is the largest listed industrial property group with in excess of 190 properties.

For businesses looking to commit to a long-term warehouse or office lease, the decision making cycle can range from 3-12mths. This presents an interesting challenge for search attrition and ROI.


Demonstrate value and ROI from paid search campaigns

Upper-funnel Lead Tracking

Given the lengthy consideration cycle, we began by tracking all site interactions, grouped into three tiers based on their place in the conversion funnel.

This allowed us far greater insight into the return generated from our campaigns and how it assisted in other marketing activity.

Wide-reaching dynamic campaigns

Our paid search campaigns encompass properties available for lease and their suburbs in regions nominated by Goodman as areas of focus.

We utilised the Google Maps API to then dynamically bid on all suburbs in a radius from the available properties. This allowed us far greater reach, for similar results.

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