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Account Director

The Account Director is a senior leader in the business, working to develop, implement and champion excellence throughout the agency, staff and our clients.

The Account Director is a highly experienced and talented account manager that is comfortable leading clients ideas, change and teams.


Deliver challenge, innovation and thought leadership.


  • Successfully build relationships with new and existing retail clients to understand high-level business problems and objectives.
  • Develop progressive digital strategies to solve business problems and objectives.
  • Maintain a best-in-class approach to, and knowledge of, digital marketing and retail strategies, platforms, channels and solutions.
  • Improve internal strategic approach, direction, and channel-level knowledge throughout the wider Sparro team.
  • Raise the level of business communications, client services and commercial sense within the teams.
  • Work with the business Partners and senior leaders to grow client spend, increase retention and onboard new clients; positioning Sparro as Australia’s leading digital marketing agency.
  • Become a thought leader in the industry through external opportunities and self-marketing.

Key Responsibilities

  • Liaise with key clients on a day to day basis at a senior level, developing strong professional relationships.
  • Develop client projects in line with business and channel objectives.
  • Engage and empower team leaders to develop and implement channel solutions.
  • Advise the business on high-level strategic direction, and channel and technology opportunities.
  • Develop team skills and culture in line with business direction and client requirements, focusing on new channels and opportunities.
  • Be an ambassador for the Sparro values and culture.
  • Lead key new business and cross-sell opportunities.

You live for results, and you expect the best from yourself and your team.


  • Highly-effective and confident client, stakeholder and staff management skills; including the ability to plan and host client and staff workshops, training sessions, pitches and meetings.
  • Exceptional communication, interpersonal and multi-level leadership skills.
  • An advanced ability to independently plan, strategise, and mobilise to achieve a project.
  • A confident and considered approach to problem-solving and project management.


  • Full awareness of digital channels and tactics with hands-on skills in at least one discipline or channel.
  • A natural talent for exploring and workshopping business objectives, using data and digital skills to develop project plans.
  • Hands-on skills in at least one channel or discipline, with a high level of working knowledge in all major channels.

The performance of the Account Director will be determined based on their ability to:

  • Engage clients in Sparro’s digital marketing offering, value and strategies.
  • Develop client relationships, positioning Sparro as a key business partner.
  • Develop team members’ skills, experience and confidence.
  • Develop and progress the wider professional offering of Sparro – conceptually and through technology.
  • Contribute to the values and culture of Sparro.


Core /01

The business is founded on a high-value service offering that is integral to its success. Creating value from clients’ budgets is our main priority.

All staff are expected to uphold these values in all facets of their work and in the way they represent themselves to others; including clients, partners and online.

Agility /02

We are thought leaders – taking initiative to constantly test and question everything to find a better way to do things.
We aim to be an extension of our clients’ businesses, contributing outside of our roles and responsibilities, individually and as a business – doing whatever it takes to ‘get it done.’ We know that we succeed by working collaboratively, drawing on our shared knowledge and experiences.
We are quick to adapt to changes, ideas and requests, and pride ourselves on fast client communication and efficient working practices.

Transparency /03

We share progress, ideas and learnings with clients and staff.

We are honest in setting expectations and communicating results – even when things aren’t going well.

We recognise and acknowledge account problems, as well as our own skills gaps and weaknesses. We share these findings to continue to improve our own roles, team and processes.

We use data to support all decisions and statements. We make no assumptions and test everything.

Value /04

We are an efficient team providing strong return on investment to our clients through hard work, short turnarounds and consistent communication.

We share knowledge across the team to grow as a team and benefit all clients from our developments.

We aim to create a high-value experience for all staff: creating a friendly, supportive, inclusive environment. We are positive and approachable in all interactions.

We represent our values in all actions, going above and beyond. We are passionate about delivering value in all that we do. We offer recognition, celebrate and share all successes – our own, our clients’ and our team members.



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