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Content Lead

The Content Lead will manage a team of content producers, copywriters, designers, and editors.

Sparro is looking for a Content Lead who will lead the content team, and work with other team leads across media, performance and SEO to develop and execute incredible creative content strategies and workshops across written, visual and video content. The remit can be further expanded to cover influencer, marketing automation and more.

The Content Lead acts at the intersection of creativity, research and advertising: developing rich, audience-led concepts that are activated in-market by the wider teams.



Create and coordinate the production of exceptional content.


Successfully manage relationships with new and existing clients to understand client objectives, and deliver agency value and results through content marketing.

Meet and exceed the objectives of clients through the successful development and implementation of content marketing strategies across SEO, media and performance teams.

Widen the current business approach to content and advertising in a unique, educated way.

Develop a best-in-class content marketing product and team.

Key responsibilities

  • Lead a content team of copywriters, producers and creatives, supporting their professional development and resourcing.
  • Liaise with key clients and internal stakeholders to manage audience research, planning, strategy development and execution.
  • Develop and manage client projects, working with various internal and external stakeholders to implement content strategies, activated through digital channels including web, social media, YouTube, display, EDM.
  • Prepare and present client research and strategies; identifying and communicating new opportunities, value delivered, and strategic direction.
  • Contribute to new business pitches and content workshops.
  • Plan future team hires and service expansion.

You live for results, drive change and Expect only the best.

You move fast, but also and engage and empower the team around you to get stuff done. You’re also not afraid to dive right in and solve challenges by rolling up your sleeves.

You’ve worked with a variety of clients and are looking to contribute to Sparro’s content offering through your own skills and experience. 

Your contribution to the agency’s offering, direction, culture and knowledge will be invaluable, as will the solutions you produce and lead for our clients.

Your skills

  • Proven 4 + years of experience in a similar role
  • Effective client, stakeholder and team management.
  • An advanced ability to independently research, plan, strategise, and mobilise to achieve a project.
  • A unique, data-led approach to content and creative development.
  • Video and design production knowledge, and experience managing creative projects.
  • High-level skills in digital channels, tactics and strategy.
  • Confident speaker with the ability to facilitate workshops.
  • A considered approach to problem-solving and project management.

The performance of the Content Lead will be determined based on their ability to: 

  • Successfully implement content marketing strategies, exceeding client objectives.
  • Contribute to marketing strategies with research, audience data and client discovery.
  • Grow a best-in-class content marketing team with touch points across all Sparro channels.
  • Contribute to the values and culture of Sparro.
Profession + Leadership Training /01

Continuous learning is a huge part of our workplace culture. We provide opportunities for off-site training with professionals and specialists who are better skilled and knowledgeable in your chosen profession.

Additionally, with our dedicated learning and development team and onsite performance coach, we offer in-house training sessions to upskill your qualifications.

We also provide a 20-week leadership training course with our founder and general manager. Through this training, we explore the vision of Sparro, how to manage expectations, elevating conversation and much more.


Mentoring + Support /02

We’re proud to say that Sparro spends 31,200 hours and $1m a year on training and mentoring our team.

The Content Lead will work directly with the business partners and senior leaders, as well as the existing team leads. Who will provide support for the ongoing development of the employee to ensure their fulfilment and success within the company.

Through our in-house training and support, we also look beyond our company to aid our staff’s professional development, with access and encouragement to attend industry events, workshops and paid external courses.

Career Pathways /03

We’re looking to develop our team to be the next leaders in our industry, and in our business. Excellent opportunities to become a trusted parter and work closely with the business leaders. With the potential to progress into a senior content role within the company.

We have a transparent direction for our business and clear pathways for all staff; supported by regular reviews, training courses and personal development plans.


Sparro Culture /04

We value culture as a top priority. We know that we succeed by working collaboratively, drawing on our shared knowledge and growing together. 

Culture isn’t just a set of behaviours, backgrounds, or interests – it’s a growth mindset, no ego, and having an openness to learn, challenge, be challenged, and share ideas.

We host regular social and sporting events, lunches and drinks. We love getting everyone together to celebrate our successes. We work hard and smart while providing flexible working hours for all team members. We offer remote workings, a pet friendly plant-filled office with casual working areas, and fully stocked fridge.


Applications are now closed! For more information about future opportunities, please see our Linkedin.

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Haymarket, NSW Australia
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