Cameron Bryant


Cameron Bryant

After graduating from the University of New South Wales with a degree in finance and economics, I worked creating financial trading models – but found digital marketing to be more rewarding.

Now, I combine this early work with marketing to create large data sets by scraping websites and looping thousands of keywords together.

We’ve successfully implemented this strategy for many clients, with one in particular looking at a data set of over 200,000 keywords and the return on investment potential of each keyword. I run large VBA loops and build tools to scrape individual websites, to allow us to prioritise keywords and build ROI-positive strategies.

I work on clients’ SEO and content marketing strategies – including SurfStitch, Destination NSW and Webjet using large data sets to achieve strong results.

I also work on GTM scripting, designing, coding and implementing conversion rate optimisation variations and A/B Tests and various paid search accounts.

I’m skilled in the following coding languages: VBA, PHP, JS, RegEx, JQuery, CSS & HTML.

October 5, 2015
Simple VBA Loop for SEO Tools

SEO Tools is a fantastic add on for Excel. It makes everything simpler from running header checks, to checking title tags, to scraping entire websites and directories. One downfall of SEO Tools is the program it is built into, Excel. When running thousands of formulas, especially something that needs to hit a server, Excel really […]

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