Sparro introduces a ‘pick-your-own-pet’ buddy system for new starters


Have you ever started a new job & felt completely lost on your first day?

At Sparro, we’ve recently introduced a buddy system where new staff can pick their very own furry friend to help ease the transition into their new role, as well as improve overall mental health in the workplace.

New staff can pick from a range of animals on their very first day, including guinea pigs, baby goats, rabbits, piglets, hamsters, and occasionally, little joeys, adding to our ever growing office petting zoo.

We’re very aware of the importance of workplace mental health & employee well-being and are passionate about doing whatever we can do to help our staff. We began by offering free yoga sessions and massages to our staff, but have since decided to take it one step further and open up a petting zoo for our employees.

“We wanted something which work as a wellbeing initiative but also add to our office culture. We already have tried a few things, but noticed how positively our staff responded to just having our office dog, Ted” says Sparro partner Cameron Bryant.

So we came up with the idea of an in-office petting zoo, where staff get to choose their own pet and be responsible for it’s wellbeing, whilst taking care of their own. On top of all that, we just want this to be a fun and enjoyable place to come in and work.”

With the launch of our most recent digital starters program in January, Sparro’s new system has already proved to be a hit. We’ve found that our 6 fresh faces have settled in well alongside their furry pals and they have already created a more relaxing and motivating environment for all staff.

Employees are encouraged to take small breaks and care for their pets in between tasks. Duties include regular feeding, cleaning up after them & providing them much-needed love and attention. And, at any time a staff member just simply needs a breather, they can come over to the petting zoo corner and take a few minutes to play with the animals.

All animals are kept in a protected area during office hours where they are well cared for at all times. At the close of business they are transferred to a nearby animal welfare shelter, including weekends and all major public holidays.

Among other office culture perks, we also have a plant-filled office, beer on tap, weekly fruit deliveries, and regular social activities such as sailing, rock-climbing, axe-throwing and more.

Want to be part of our team and have your own furry buddy? Head to our careers page and apply now.

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