Sparro is now a Premier Google Partner

Sparro is now a Premier Google Partner


Sparro has been a long time Google Partner, a status that allows clients to know that we have demonstrated skill and expertise with AdWords, as well as proven performance at delivering revenue growth to our clients.

The Premier Google Partner status is a new tier awarded to those who have advanced AdWords knowledge and are deemed exceptional at what they do by Google. We have achieved this by delivering solid overall performance and growth at a high level of ad spend. We have grown our clients’ business, our client base, and thus our agency alongside as partners. The Primer Google Partner status is reserved for those only who have properly earned it. Google have awarded us with this coveted status among agencies to show that they trust us.

Google have also allowed agencies to demonstrate specialisation expertise in different areas.

  • 1Search Advertising: Our bread and butter, we reach users who are actively looking for a need you business satisfies.
  • 2Mobile Advertising: We help reach your customer on the go and in the right moment.
  • 3Video Advertising: We help you engage with your key customers and reach new relevant users.
  • 4Display Advertising: Whether it is branding, growing awareness, or driving sales, we’ll develop a strategy that is right for you.
  • 5Shopping Advertising: We can offer unparalleled performance for eCommerce businesses by driving large number of online sales.

At Sparro we are highly skilled and experienced at all these different channels, not to mention experts at Google Analytics and data analysis as well. Contact us today and let us know how we can help your business grow.

– Zac Nicholson

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