Starting my career in digital marketing

When I began my position at Sparro I was completely unaware of what was ahead of me. With little to no experience in the digital marketing sector, I knew I would have a lot to learn.

Luckily, each team member at Sparro took time out of their day to guide me through my first few weeks.

Here at Sparro, we’re expected to take the initiative to continually learn and grow as individuals in order to move forward as a group. We have weekly focused learning sessions on different aspects of the business and mentorships that help us succeed.

Fast Paced

Working at Sparro has shown me what it really means to work at a startup and how fast a company can move to get things done. Being a smaller agency, we know where our strengths lie. If we have an issue in a certain area, we know exactly which team member to go to for help. Everyone in the office is always up for a brainstorming session, and we all work to our strengths to find solutions to problems and quickly get the issue resolved.

When our clients ask for something new, we move quickly and adapt to make sure their needs are met. This means working with API’s, dynamic reporting with scripts, and being flexible in our learning processes.

Hands On Account Work

Your professional growth is a priority at Sparro, and because of this you get to be overly involved in all aspects of the agency. This allows you to gain hands on experience with large accounts in order to aid your learning.

During my time at Sparro I have had the opportunity to work on and be involved with big accounts like Webjet and Destination NSW. Being able to not only sit in on meetings and observe while others work but also having the ability to contribute your ideas and work on them has been great for my overall learning process.

Seeing Results First Hand

As a group of problem solvers, we like to see positive results and here at Sparro I have been able to see my work produce results first hand.

When I first started at Sparro I was working in SEO, more specifically link building. Having the ability to freely begin site finding, initiate outreach, and then have that link successfully placed was a great feeling. Then at the end of the month, we get to see increases in organic traffic and you can see that your hard work is quite literally paying off right in front of you. Seeing your work make a difference is such a motivator to continue to learn and improve.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Although we work hard to get things done at the office, this doesn’t mean we don’t have fun! I have made some quality friendships since I started and there are some great benefits to working at Sparro. There’s homebrewed beer on tap in the office, regular after-work bonding meetups and fun monthly office events. From bubble soccer and laser tag to days at the beach, we have a great time and are a pretty tight-knit group.

Morris Bryant
Cameron Bryant
Sparro Digital Marketing Level 2, 727 George St,
Haymarket, NSW Australia
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